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A2 English Test for Spouse Visa Extension

Book your A2 English Test for Spouse Visa Extension with us. Improve your language skills at the A2 level.

About A2 Level English Test

Introduction to English A2 Test

The A2 English Test is required for various purposes, such as visa applications, citizenship applications and certain employment opportunities. It serves as evidence that the test taker possesses a basic level of English proficiency for everyday communication.
The test assesses four language skills:

Listening: The ability to understand and respond to spoken English in everyday situations, such as conversations, announcements, and simple instructions.

Speaking: The ability to communicate orally in basic and familiar situations. This may include introducing oneself, answering questions, and participating in short conversations.

Reading: The ability to understand simple written texts, such as signs, notices, and basic articles, as well as to extract relevant information from them.

Writing: The ability to write short, simple messages or notes on familiar topics.

The A2 English Test typically consists of multiple sections, each focusing on one of the language skills mentioned above. The test format may include multiple-choice questions, matching exercises, short-answer questions, and simple writing tasks.

The test covers topics relevant to everyday life, such as personal information, daily routines, hobbies, travel, and common activities. Vocabulary and grammar used in the test are appropriate for a basic level of language proficiency

Understanding the Requirements for British Citizenship

The requirements for British citizenship may vary depending on the specific circumstances of the applicant. The rules and requirements are subject to change, so it's essential to check the latest information on the official government website or consult with the appropriate authorities.

Residence Requirements: Usually, applicants must have been living in the UK for a specified period, which is often five years. This period may vary depending on the immigration category under which the applicant is applying.

Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR): In most cases, applicants need to have obtained Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) or permanent residence status before applying for British citizenship. ILR is typically granted after a certain period of continuous residence in the UK.

Good Character: Applicants are generally required to demonstrate good character, which includes having a clean criminal record. Any criminal convictions or serious offenses may affect the application.

Language Proficiency: Applicants are often required to demonstrate a certain level of proficiency in English, Welsh, or Scottish Gaelic. This is usually assessed through a recognised language test such as A2 English Test for Spouse Visa Extension.

Knowledge of Life in the UK Test: Applicants are usually required to pass the "Life in the UK" test, which assesses their knowledge of British history, culture, and institutions. This test is intended to ensure that applicants have a basic understanding of life in the UK.

Financial Stability: Some categories of applicants may need to demonstrate financial stability and an ability to support themselves without relying on public funds.

Absence from the UK: There are usually restrictions on the amount of time an applicant can spend outside the UK during the qualifying period. Excessive absences may impact eligibility.

Test Centres

At English Language Tests, we make it easy and convenient to book your exam.

With UK government accredited testing centres and experienced examiners, you can be sure that you're getting the highest quality testing services.

Why A2 English Test Matters?

Importance of A2 Test

The A2 English Test holds significance for individuals who are non-native English speakers, especially when they are seeking to demonstrate a basic level of proficiency in the English language.

In some countries, including the UK, individuals applying for citizenship may be required to provide evidence of their English language skills. The A2 English Test is often a component of the citizenship application process, ensuring that candidates can engage in basic communication in English.

Proficiency in the local language is essential for effective communication and integration into society. The A2 English Test focuses on practical language skills, helping individuals navigate daily life, understand essential information, and communicate with others in a new country.

Why A2 Test Booking is required?

The A2 Level English Test is required to demonstrate basic English proficiency for purposes such as visas, citizenship, and employment. It ensures individuals can effectively communicate in everyday situations, fostering integration and fulfilling language requirements set by various countries and institutions.

A2 Test Booking Process 

Step-by-Step Guide to an A2 English Test Booking

How to book an A2 Test
1.    Select Exam: Choose between A1, A2 English Test or B1 Exam
2.    Choose Location: Choose from over 10 test centres across the UK
3.    Choose Time & Date: Select your preferred time & date
4.    Fill in your Details: Enter the required personal information
5.    Make Payment: Pay using our secure payment method

Important Considerations During the Booking Process

Please ensure the personal details that you enter when you book the A2 test match identically to the personal details on the ID selected. 

You must take the original ID with you to the test centre. If the details do not match exactly you may not be able to take the test on the day and you will not receive a refund so please check all the information very carefully.

We will endeavour to book the date you have selected however this may not be available and an alternative date will be offered.

Test Format and Preparation  

Structure of the Spouse Visa Extension English Test

This test is required for Further Leave to Remain (Visa Extension) if you are:
A partner of a settled person (spouse/partner)
A parent of a dependant

Please note: It is required to book an A2 English Test is required for family route Leave to Remain applications after 2.5 years in the UK

This is an online examination with a live examiner at a SELT test centre

Duration of the test is 9-11 minutes. The pass mark for this exam is 60/100

Preliminary results will be received in 15 minutes to your email address and the result will be confirmed in 3 days.

What is in the exam?

Part 1 – You give personal information
Part 2 – You start or answer in 2 everyday situations
Part 3 – You give information and listen to information
Part 4 – You listen & answer questions, then talk about a topic


Test Preparation and Expert Tips

Preparation for the A2 English Test often involves studying basic vocabulary and grammar, practicing listening and speaking skills, and familiarizing oneself with common everyday scenarios.

It's important to note that the specific format and requirements of the A2 English Test may vary depending on the examining body or institution conducting the exam. As such, individuals planning to take the test should refer to the guidelines and materials provided by the relevant authority.

Understanding Test Results  

English A2 Test Results and certificates

Your preliminary results will be emailed to you 15 minutes after you take the test. After 3 days, you will receive another email to confirm your result. This will contain your Candidate URN (Unique Reference Number) which must be submitted for a UK visa application.

What to Expect After Completing the Spouse Visa English Test

After completing the A2 English Test for citizenship in the UK, individuals can expect the following steps:

Receive Test Results: You will receive the results of your A2 English Test, indicating whether you have passed or not.

Include Test Certificate in Application: If you pass the test, you will include the A2 English Test certificate as part of your citizenship application.

Continue Citizenship Application: The A2 English Test is just one requirement for UK citizenship. You will continue with the overall application process, providing documentation for other criteria such as residency, good character, and adherence to other citizenship requirements.

Biometric Information: You may be required to provide biometric information, such as fingerprints and a photograph, as part of the application process.

Attend Citizenship Ceremony: If your citizenship application is approved, you will be invited to attend a citizenship ceremony. During the ceremony, you will take an oath of allegiance to the United Kingdom.

Receive Certificate of Naturalisation: Following the successful completion of all requirements, including the A2 English Test, you will be issued a Certificate of Naturalisation. This official document confirms your British citizenship.

Return Biometric Residence Permit (BRP): If you were issued a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) during your residency in the UK, you may be required to return it upon receiving your Certificate of Naturalization.

It's important to note that specific procedures and requirements can change, so individuals should refer to the latest guidance provided by the UK Home Office or the relevant immigration authorities. Additionally, the timeline for processing applications can vary, and individuals should be prepared for potential waiting periods during the application review process.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What topics are covered in the A2 English Test, and how can I prepare for them?

The A2 Level English Test covers everyday topics like daily routines, personal information, travel, and health.

To prepare, practice describing these subjects, learn relevant vocabulary, and engage in conversations. Use official test materials, practice tests, and focus on listening and pronunciation skills to enhance your overall proficiency.

Is there a specific level of English proficiency required for British Citizenship?


Yes, for British Citizenship, a B1 level of English proficiency, as per the Common European Framework of Reference, is typically required. This includes passing the "Life in the UK" test and an English language test such as A2 Level English Test.

How long does it take to get the results of the English A2 Test, and how are they communicated?

Your preliminary results will be emailed to you 15 minutes after you take the test. After 3 days, you will receive another email to confirm your result. This will contain your Candidate URN (Unique Reference Number) which must be submitted for a UK visa application.

Can I reschedule or cancel my A2 Test Booking?

You are able to make 1 free amendment or reschedule up to 5 days before the test date.  This is done via the LanguageCert customer portal page. 

Once a booking is made, a non-refundable administrative fee of £25 will be deducted from the refund amount if the booking is cancelled. Please note that if you cancel your exam within three days of the test taking place or fail to attend the scheduled test, you will not be eligible for a refund.

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