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How to find a job in United Kingdom after your marriage

Many international marriages face challenges when one or both partners struggle to find employment in their new country of residence. This holds true for those planning to migrate to the United Kingdom after getting married. However, finding a job in the UK is not a difficult task. Numerous job vacancies can be found on job search engines, and the country also offers online job opportunities for students. With these employment prospects, you can confidently seek a lifetime partner from the UK and settle down.

Where should you search for jobs in the United Kingdom?

Consider starting your job search through local web resources. Although Russian is the native language, many companies are interested in hiring English-speaking individuals. If you are seeking top-level positions, it is advisable to approach headhunting agencies or executive search firms. However, exercise caution and select an agency with a strong reputation and experience in dealing with international clients. Another option is to directly apply to specific companies, which increases your chances of being recruited. Utilizing social media networks such as LinkedIn can also be beneficial when looking for jobs in the UK. Lastly, the leading English business edition in the country, Kyiv Post, publishes an employment application issue every Friday, worth checking out.

What about the cost of living?

Concerns about the cost of living are common among those planning to find a partner from the UK and settle there. According to recent statistics, the cost of living in the country is moderate, allowing for a comfortable life. For example, you can consider purchasing a nice apartment and living life on your terms with your new partner.

Tips for finding a job in the United Kingdom:

When applying for job opportunities in large UK companies, it is advisable to target positions that align with your professional expertise and knowledge. Avoid sending your CV to a general mailbox and instead identify the appropriate email address for submission.

Inviting your partner to live with you in the UK:

The process to assess the English-speaking and listening capabilities of the spouse involves the A1 English test. Individuals intending to invite their partners must undergo this examination process, which consists of a simple English speaking and listening test lasting only 6 minutes. However, it can be quite challenging, so adequate preparation is crucial to pass the exam successfully.

To book the A1 English test, you will need to pay the test fee and receive a confirmation specifying the exam date and time. Your partner will then proceed to sit for the exam. The exam assesses the candidates' ability to comprehend simple and short questions and respond appropriately with actions and statements.

During the exam, candidates must engage in a conversation using short statements and memorized phrases. This part of the A1 English test can be particularly challenging, necessitating thorough preparation. Failure to perform well may require repeating the test.

Is guidance available?

Yes, there is comprehensive guidance available for individuals taking part in the A1 English language test. Numerous guidance programs can be found on the internet. Once you access a suitable program, follow the provided instructions diligently. By doing so, you can ensure a smoother experience during the exam and achieve positive results without unnecessary difficulties or concerns.

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