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B1 SELT – GESE Grade 5 £179.99

B1  ISE Test For Private Hire  £220

London Private Hire Test

An English language requirement applies to all applications for private hire driver licences received by TfL (Transport for London) on, or after, 14 October 2016. This includes applications for both renewal and new licences.

ISE I Secure English Language Test (SELT) is approved by TfL for this purpose – full details and how to book this exam are detailed below. 

ISE I = B1 (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Reading & Writing

2 Hours

  • 2 Reading Tasks

  • 1 Reading & Writing Task

  • 1 Writing Task

Speaking & Listening

18 Minutes

  • 2 Listening Tasks

  • 1 Topic Task

  • 1 Conversation Task

The Reading & Writing part of the test will last for 2 hours. The steward   will escort you into the exam room 20 minutes before the start of the test.   You will be guided to your seat and told what to do. At this point you are   under exam conditions so cannot speak or communicate in any way with   any other candidates.   The exam supervisor then reads out the exam instruction

The Speaking & Listening part of  the test will last for 18 minutes.   You will be taken into an exam   room by your steward where   you will sit with an examiner for   a one-on-one conversation-style test.  You will need your topic form for    this part of the exam.  Once your test is finished the    steward will meet you and guide  you as to what happens next

Results and certificates

After the test you will receive an exam report form with your provisional result (Pass or Fail) 

Candidates can usually expect to receive their Trinity SELT certificate within 7 days.

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